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“Ok ok you run all the time but will you ever stop and start looking for a husband?” Nobody wants to marry a runner dude ! 

As the big 3.0 is approaching, more and more delicate comments from your friends tickle your ear. Those exact same ones that you wanna simply answer with a big F-word. Those you aren’t prepare for after graduating from college even though we all agree this would be way more useful than solfege classes back in the day.

Regular people. You know, the ones who cannot understand the concept of running even though it can bring so many good things to your life – as you’ll see below. For them, running is a “single people thing” that you will do to keep yourself entertained on your lonely nights running through the street of the city or sticking to the track on a rainy, cold, winter day.

SO! For those of you unticking the runner of their potential “perfect woman to spend the rest of my days with” list, I am glad to tell you that…you are wrong! and here is why…

Top 22 reasons to marry a runner

Because she’ll make you travel.

A marathon in Paris? A trail in Asia… All these awesomely beautiful places you never heard of and you couldn’t even dream about. Well, she brought you there, lucky duck!

Because she is full of amazing stories.

This morning, her hr was quite stable during her pyramidal track workout. She even had some time to fit in a little wieght lifting in all this. Why bother with a scientist when you can get a runner that also has master education level in her own language!

Because she’ll be more effective than a grizzly running

after that guy you just stole your iPhone X. she’ll get him in no time!


She’ll always find you something to do.

Oh, hold on, you don’t have plans for the 8th of April? Great, let’s have a gigantic quinoa salad after a rainy 10K photoshoot to feed my Instagram account: this weekend is in the books!

Because she won’t drink on a Friday night. Or a Saturday night.

This, all the time between the beginning and the end of her 15th marathon prep. Damn boy, you have your personal driver every day of the week. Except for Christmas…that’s her week off, before starting the Paris Half Marathon prep

Because she won’t bother you watching the Kardashians.

But will watch over and over again a documentary on K Jornet

Because Sunday morning is long run day…

which means it’s your time to go play soccer with your friends! GO GO GO

Because she will not be high maintenance when it comes to handbags.

But will ruin you with orthopaedics


Because you won’t need to invest in a Chanel watch or Louboutin.

Get her the last Suunto Wrist HR or a brand new pair of running shoes you can’t even pronounce the name. THAT is a winner for you my friend. And you’ll still have money in the bank…or not

Because for her birthday, christmas or any occasion you won’t to spend hours shopping around or asking half of her friends or family what she wants. It’s that simple. Get her a bib for a race, a pair of shorts or the last Booster elite you she’ll be yours forever.

Because she won’t make you break your wallet on food.

Especially few days before a race. A big plate of pasta and bedtime


Because she won’t break your wallet (#2) on alcohol.

Strawberry Mojito? nah. Get me a sparkling water and lemon and I’m good to go!

Because a girl with messy hair, smelly feet and sweaty face has its charms. YES, she does!!

Because all the ballerinas are already taken so you may have to go for a backup plan. And the runner ain’t a bad one


Because she can break a nut with her butt!

Yep, she’s got that kinda ass


Because in bed…well, you know

Because, for real, the combo leggings, sports bra is so fashionable duh


Because shes’ the only girl that won’t complain walking half a mile to your house, carrying your errands, on one foot, backwards. Hurry up!

Because she’ll bring back tons of ugly medals at home, in the bedroom walls

Because she’ll keep all her bibs to proudly put them on display in the bathroom


– See, no need to go after Penelope Cruz, she’s the girl you need. The girl you want!

– And finally, because she’ll make you want to run and become as fit as you’ve never been before!

And of course…because you’re proud of your boo…

and you’ll love her no matter what

Convinced? I am sure! Avoid to jump on the first runner you meet to ask for her hand, it could make er run away!

And above all … share with us all the good reasons that I have forgotten!

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