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Hitting on a sporty girl should be easy, especially if you belong to that same family of runners


Tinder. This hostile jungle where every match is followed by a verbal jousting and as interesting as an episode the kardashians. There’s nothing we can do about it, most conversations are boring as hell…unless you share your credit card info or a spicy detail about yourself like having 3 nipples, chances are it’ll be hard to captivate your audience at first glance.

Please avoid the “hey! What’s up?”. After so many years of high school and college, i am expecting a little more from you. At least a verb…to make it more real.

I’m not here to teach you how to get a guy / girl on tinder. Or anywhere else actually. The same rules apply to all of these sites with “social interactions”. Except for aim! This isn’t our topic today, and i do not plan on becoming the next dr love. However, i can give you some tips on how to get a sporty chick and things to avoid if you do not want to finish last.

Let’s face it. Lacking inspiration, if you come across a picture of her in action, the label is now stuck in your head!! Ok, she’s active. Cool, i do love soccer too, we have a connection, i can feel it, something is happening!

Hey hey hey hey, hold back your horses young man. You are right, she did put this picture out here not only for you to enjoy her face without make-up, sweaty and looking like the last hour of her life, but also for your kind appreciation. So give a little respect and go easy on her. Or you will soon realize that sporty girls can bitch you around in no time. So you better learn the art of the qwerty and prepare a nice approach to avoid her sprinting away from you faster than usain bolt.

Rule #1: do not bring her down! (and that goes for every women. Never

Hey babe, anything else you like besides running?

No. You screwed it up guy. Instead of making it sounds positive such as “oh, you look active, that’s great!”, you are on your way to make her feel like shit thinking that the only thin she cares about is the number of miles she’s ran this week. Well done! Great job. Shame, shame, shame, shame. Good luck now!

Ex to strictly avoid: “hey camille, what else do you do in life besides running all the time?” “i’ll make you shut your mouth. And sleep!”

Rule #2: do not make this a “who has got the bigger one” kinda discussion

• “oh you did this race, nice. What was your time?”

I know i know, the intention was good. You were trying to show interest on Tinder. You wanna know the name of her kitty and her last time on a 10k. That’s sweet. But be aware she may feel judged. And knowing that depreciation was created by and for women, there’s a chance she won’t be at ease telling you she ran a 10k in 1:30hrs. Which, by the way, is already much better than most of the population who’d rather stay on their couch.

So avoid the race time competition and any quesrion like “what’s your pb on a half?”. “avid runner, really? Go ahead, what’s your best on a 10k?”

A classic answer would be: “oh hey! Hi! Yea…no thanks”

• Ahah I’m faster than you!

Wow, that’s great!! You are a 6’1 tall guy and you are 10mn faster than her on a 10k. Good job! Do you want a medal? Or the first drink to be on her? She most likely wanna tell you that she has 2 or 3 girl friends that would kick your ass if you were to run with them, just to put your ego back where it belongs, in the sewers!! Don’t worry, she won’t even bother answering.

Truth is, you could have avoided to dig your own grave and make her wish she could meet with you…just to smash you. Please avoid the below, for your own good…

“oh really? 48mn is your fastest ever? Man, if we were running together, i’d have time to finish the race, stretch, shower and..” (she left, you can stop here)

… “oooooh ok. Ahahah, i was expecting something like sub40 when you said you were a confident runner”!

Rule #3: avoid cliches and reppetitive non-sense comments !

« you’re sporty? So that means…

Oh god, please. Ban philosophical monolog at all costs.

«you’re sporty? So that means…that i do have a very competitive spirit»

Oh great, a sporty one, you must look like a model”

“Shut up! I’m running so i can eat. Go check the fit girl hashtag see if i’m in there”

Rule #4: avoid the use of “only”

• Know that if you wanna survive and have a chance to get her on a date, you must avoid this “only”. So far, you are lucky she’s been answering nicely. If it were me, i would have sent you to the moon while screaming “oh yea, isn’t that enough!!!

• “You only run 10k? Nothing else”. “you only train twice a week? Funny”
believe me, and you will thank me later on !

Rule #5: no pompous catchline on Tinder

• “I see, so you must be pretty resistant then? Right?

Charming. Not only is this pedantic, but maybe you should know that i am a track & field runner, specialized in 110m hurdles. Wanna come test the reistance of your b.s.?

• Stop running, i’m here”

yea…i’m just gonna speed up i guess

My advice? There’s a chance…

I’ll admit it, it is easy to make fun of your attempts coming straight from…an other world but because you’ve read all this until here, i’m gonna give you some alternatives that may put you on the right path…

•“Wanna go for a run together?”

Good start, you seem interested in her passion. You believe that meeting while jogging will bring you close to each other. All sweat and smile. For real? Nah. I girl is still a girl, and even if she’s a runner sh’es still got a princess side. She will most likely be more comfortable showing up weaing a cute dressing and little make up.

Or at least not looking like a hot mess! Unless she suggests. Otherwise, do not insist. If she does not react or look super excited, let it go…change directions and go for the classic « wanna grab a drink later »…we all know beer is good for recovery!

•“Hey cam…ille ! Where are you running to ?”

It isn’t the worst, a little cheesy, not super interesting. But ok, i can accept it. You are just giving me a chance to answer nicely “oh, very far from you. Yea, i’m sorry, my humor is a little passive aggressive. Keep it in mind though, you never know, it may work one day…

All these below are acceptable, quite neutral, interested but not too boring…you’ve noticed she’s sporty and that’s a good opportunity to create some kind of connection. Great!

– so, you runnin’ often ?
– any race planned? You training for something ?
– woaw, great objective, you are very motivated (you just hit the spot bro!)
– sooo, how did it go ?
– great!! Finally someone who has the same definition of exercising !
– it is already a great achievement finishing it. Very impressed (she’s almost ready for you to propose..!)

Please remember to dedicate me all couples of sporty peeps i have made possible !! And enjoy!

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