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That’s it. You’re in there. Stuck in between hundreds, thousands of runners waiting for the race to start. You’re standing, packed as a bunch of sardines in a can (yea, that is a French expression, and I love it!).

All kind of existential questions come to your mind…wee wee or not wee wee? Energy bar now? Maybe later? I don’t knoooow. Compression socks on, colorful shorts, trash bag on your shoulders…Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration is in the air. It’s about that time when a friend is attempting an embarrassing selfie that’ll most likely end up on your Instagram story.

But you’re forgetting the essential my friend…this is your time! Your dream girl/man is standing here, like you, and his/her defense is switched off! GO!


NOW is your time! Goodbye Tinder. No need for Bumble anymore as the (wo)man of your dreams is a few steps away! You’re only missing the perfect ice-breaker. The few words that will make you stand out and make this unbearable wait so much more pleasant for both of you. You’ll be seen as a very sophisticated human being. Let the lyricist runner that sleeps deep inside you get out. For you, and you only, I have practiced, put my love hormones and neurons to the test to share few go to expressions.

 All the following sweet&sweat are copyrighted DeWoods. Feel free to use them in the wilderness but you’ve been warned: a very few of them have been tested – and/OR approved – in our humanoid jungle. If this helps you get in the pants of your dream runner, good for you…if you get shut down, you suck! JK, he/she does, and does not have the maturity to understand your sassiness.


 You’ve got it all covered, depending on the profile: :

You’re a “straight to the point pick-up artist”. Back to basics

Because flirting is mother of love and compliments, don’t waste your time, cuz you ain’t go any…departure is in a few minutes only!.

“I came for a PB, I’ll finish with Love”

“Boy you smell good. Icy hot, right?”

“Nice calves hun”



“Haven’t we run together somewhere before?”

“Your bib fits you so well!”

You’re the “technical ascendant” kind of pick up artist. You did not show up to peel mangos (what?!!). You want results!

To get a runner, you must speaks its language

“As soon as I saw my HR skyrocketed!”

“No need for a GPS with you, I will follow my heart”

“Damn, this tank top really makes your eyes stand out!!”

“Your daddy’s a thief! He stole all my head lamp lights to put’em in your eyes”



“Sweet poncho. Let me guess, collection Sprint-Summer 2016?”

“Pronation foot strike, right?”

“What’s your pace/mile? No way ! Same as mine. We share so much already »

“Hey! You, yes. I have Tiger Balm at home. The original. Interested?”

“Is this Gore-Tex? Can I touch?”

You’re the “foodie type” kind of approach. The #runforfood was created for you (by you ?). You aren’t afraid of the post-race meal and look for a mate that can share a Sunday brunch with you

“Hey, wanna share a banana after the race? I’ll get the perfect one!”

“Have you tried this new RXBar flavor? SO.GOOD. Wanna try?”

“Your daddy must be a drug dealer, cuz you’re dope!”

  You’re the “hot mess” kinda artist. You wanna warm up his/her heart before warming up your legs

“I’d love to be a sweat drop to be able to touch your lips and run along your back”

“Cool bib number! Add a 0, remove the 6, add 774 behing the first 3-digits and you got my mobile! Crazy huh?”

“Can I be your jackrabbit (yea, that’s how we call pacers in france) and you be my bunny?”

“Do you happen to have sunblock? Your beauty dazzles me”

“Thanks to you, Cupid will get to the finish line!”

Any other pick up line for these moments? Or some you’ve heard before? Please share with us. For our own good!

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