Race report / 10km Paris Center 2017 … schizophrenic!

To be quite frank from the very beginning… I took a bib for the 10km Paris Centre by nostalgia. It was my first 10km and my first race ever… in 2011! Yes, it’s been a while now that I said goodbye to Sunday morning and hook feverishly my bib between two metro stations.

So… as each year I didn’t want to miss it and to watch all my friends having fun, medals and banana without me. Knowing full well that I will clearly suffer and that 10km on the road was clearly the worst distance for me, regarding my actual trail preparation. But I wanted to be part of the celebrations!

This is the contradiction of the runner, before… you are happy to be part of the pre-race craze. During the race… you really wonder what you’re doing here. After… you are so delighted to show off your war trophy and your sweat picture. Basically running is quiete good and funny, only when you stop running.

All this to say that the 10km Paris Centre was not the idea of ​​the year, but everyone knows now that my ideas are often suicidal and not wise! That’s what makes me attractive^^. Of all my 10km races, it was nevertheless the one that has asked me a lot of mental … a mental that has become completely schizophrenic!


By eating to much miles, again ang again, my neurons seem to begin to split ^^ While my little warriors neurons struggle for motivation against all odds, the demotivation brigade squats more and more! She becomes so much efficient thaht I arrived on the departure of the race with pasty mouth, the tattooed pillow and barely digested breakfast. To continue valiantly my inner struggle during 10km.

Have you ever had a schizophrenia race? Me…I clearly do !

Shizoprenic race report for my 10km Paris Centre

Un trajet fractionné

A wake-up … so lapidary sweet!

… ohhhh I slept sooooo well
… I feel so good
… love Sunday morning

… 8:30, good job
… but wait
… I miss a thing?!

… Oh fuck
… gogogogo
… put your leggings, fast
… otherwise I go back to bed, it’s nice no?
… don’t be silly
… pretend your are will, huge indigestion, it will works?
… no way
… go … Gogogogo
(I had simply forgotten to activate my clock the night before … my foolish subconscious played dirty)

10km Paris Centre racepack

Interval training morning

… oooh fuck the subway arrived in 2mn…
… gogogogogogo

… yeahhhh I get it !

… oh I could finish my night here

… Concorde
… Concorde?
… it’s my stoooop, moove guys !
… phew

A 10km Paris center under very bad auspices

… I really have to stop saying yes to everything

… no no really
… I felt so good in my bed there :'(
… finally now you are here, you are here. There is no point to complain !
… I can always go… discretely
… no
… go

… no way to return to bed?
… no
… I didn’t eat my toast in the subway to go back to bed
… true
… It’s so cold !
… make sport they said…
… people seem so happy
… I don’t understand why??!! It’s 9am guy !!!

A conflictual pace

… my calves are dead…let’s run slowly ! Small footing
… 5’30/km ? ok Caro let’s go!
… not sure to run fast enought … if I’m to slow leave me

… You still have the opportunity to return to bed
… it’s a little bit late no?
… it’s never too late
… I’m so lazzzzy

… motivation
… so tired
… go go

… uh Caro. Our pace is 5’10, quiete fast no?
… slow down ?
… ok we are not slowing down at all
… don’t panic, it’s seem ok for the moment
… I would never hold it, I can’t run at 5’30 in jogging
… Go, think of the arrival
… I’m gonna explode.

… arrival > medal > eat
… Why am I doing this? 😨😲
… Eye of the tiger… moves moves 👊
… your fucking eye of the tiger. Stop it ! The tiger is pretty dead !!!
… ok if I manage to run 2km I can finish 10km gogogo.

I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!

… arrival > medal > eat.
… 5km. Ok half of the road. If It’s becoming hard I will finish slowly
… if you don’t care of your final chrono why do you keep going on?
… I don’t know… I have to run so I run !
… you could sleep too
… it’s too fast, I will never keep the pace. 5’05 💀
… arrival > medal > eat.
… Caroooo, where is she?
… aaah you are here
… don’t leave me alone

“I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!”

An existential questioning: But what I fool there good god

… I really hate 10 km
… so why did you take a bib
… because I like to run and be part of the celebration!
… so stop complaining

… but I don’t like running on the road
… I miss trail so much
… stop complaining
… arrival > medal > eat.

“I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!”

… fuck, a climb
… you see it’s a little bit like a trail, you even have D +

… my god we are passing pacers -55mn

… we can’t pass them Caro !

… ok
… I am scared
… ok I pass them
… I will feel so stupid if they pass me again
… best reason to keep my pace
… you and your stupide pride
… I’m tired of running
… only 2 km
… arrival > medal > eat
… ok 2mn equal 10mn
… it’s short
… it’s soooo long
… no it’s nothing in a life
… yes but “nothing” is running really slowly now

Who almost come to ware

… the guy just cut me up
… poor macho, who don’t support to be pass by a girl

… bim… I accelerate ! you will see
… in your face !!!!! Eat my dust
… oula calm down calm down 4’50 ! it’s suicidal

But the advantage of a 10km is that it comes to an end quickly

… only 1km …go
… acceleration?
… no way
… sub 52… let’es try?
Hmm …
… ok I accelerate

… what is this crowd???
… mooooove !!!!

The 10km Paris Center to conclude ?

As I said, the 10km Paris Centre is one of my favorite. Nevertheless I was particularly disappointed with this year’s edition.

The good points of the 10km Paris Centre 2017:

– the course which holds its promise to run in the center of Paris
– the medal. Nike knows how to make pretty medals!
– the cut and material of the T-shirt

10km Paris Centre

The bad points of the 10km Paris Centre 2017:

To cut a long story short: The crowd at the arrival is … never seen! After 10km to have to fight (with my 1m59) to pass under the arch and be lost in the sweat crowd was clearly awful. Just a nightmare!
– the design of the T-shirt. I hope the designer took vacation. Otherwise I could have done it myself
– the atmosphere and the warm-up. If we can talk about atmosphere.

10km Paris Centre Paris puissance dix


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