Thomas, the rapper triathlete !

You wake up, he’s already gone missing, probably on his bike. You’re having your morning French toast, he’s most likely on a jog. You are coming back from your day, he’s jumping into his flashy speedos at the local pool. This guy is changing gears faster than models at the fashion week and will make you tired just looking at his Strava workouts.

Not enough? He’ll always have energy to put on some gangsta rap, crack a joke, go for an evening walk or healthy-ish dinner. Yep, you may not notice at first but he’s not only a wannabe triathlete, he’s also a big fan of Old School West Coast Hip Hop on his spare time. That’s right, he somehow can find a way to have some spare time!

Firstname: Thomas

Age: 29

Particular sign: up for everything. And humble (be humble…!)

In few words: can’s stop, won’t stop

How did you get into sports: I was part of baby swimmers

Where did it start?

Well, swimming first. Then Judo and basketball. All these until I was about 18. Swimming being my favorite. I did not really got into running until 2011. And God I hated it…you wouldn’t believe me how much!. But a friend sold me on a baby triathlon…so I HAD to train – oh yea, I’m a little competitive. I ended doing this race…and I got hooked!

Triathlon is very demanding. 3 complementary sports. Super time consuming. Tell us, how do you manage to do all this??

I’ll be honest, it is not easy. And I can’t train as much as I do. But if you are an organization guru like I am, you can manage to sneak in some trainings here and there. The good thing is that it is not repetitive, you can switch from a sport to another depending on your mood or just where you are and what you can or cannot do. Over time, I’ve been able to find some kind of balance. The one that works for me. Whether people like it or not, I need my daily dopamine shot. So yes, I’ll pass on a beer to get in a quick run or swim. As The Game said in 05, Hate it or Love it

Have you ever been injured?

Yes! Nothing too crazy. But last year – silly fall in a set of stairs – early June. Got me out of running for almost 10 weeks…and screwed up my 70.3 training. Dangit!!!

So how did you manage this period? When you were injured

Not so well…I am bad at this. Resting and recovering are tough for me. I was out for 10 weeks, without running. So the bike got it all!!! He wanted to get some rest, I did not. So we did it all. Hills for breakfast. Flats for lunch and intervals for dinner. And the best part? When I got back in my running shoes, my legs were really strong. I win! ahahah

What’s your secret for a good season?

Enjoyment and pleasure before. I am far from being a pro. And even if I am competitive, I do it to have a good time and enjoy. Generally speaking, I follow a training plan. Fairly well. But without too much pressure. If one day I’m not feeling, I’ll do my own thing and listen to my body. Just so you know, I have never been into a Tri club until this season…so let’s see what 2018 has in store for me!

How do you balance personal life with all this? And how do you finance these races, gears and shit?

In life, you gotta make choices, and decisions. There are 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week. We all work pretty much M-F from 9-6. And all free to do what we want the rest of the time – with a good 6 hours sleep for me. So I train early in the morning, in the evening, during lunch when I can. And get on the bike on weekends. So yes, I’m that guy who will go to bed at 11pm on a Friday night to get up at 6am and go for a 5-6 hours bike ride. So what? I think my friends – the ones I’m not riding with – got used to it after a little while. And they know I won’t change.
Some thing for the financial aspect. It is all about choice. I don’t spend much money on drinks or night clubs and bars…I spend it on races, short shorts and running shoes. Don’t hate! 🙂

Your top souvenir?

My first Olympic distance triathlon. It was already a very special day for me – that morning I knew I got accepted for my MBA program, after months of stress. I crushed my objective and felt like I was flying over the race – nothing crazy, something like 2:23.

The race of your dreams?

Oh boy…IM Kona at the very top. And also LeadMan Tri, IM St George, Boston Marathon…so many!!

Any other sports?

I love basketball. And trail running. And surfing. Climbing also.

What is your nutritional treat? The one that makes you go faster? Bananas?

YES!! How do you know? Bananas, Almonds and dates…that must be my winning combo!

Anything that makes you keep going? You know, when legs are done…?

I tell myself this: “if it were easy, everyone would do it” and also “come on, you gotta be better than that guy (in front of me)”. And so many other things. I actually happen to speak to myself a lot during races. NO, I’m NOT crazy! 🙂

Biggest challenges to come??

I did my first 70.3 in May. I wanna kill it now and get a real PR. And push it a little with the club. I hope they will help me get to the next level. But also maintain a balance in life, enjoying everything I enjoy.

What’s your go to playlist?

Theeeere it is!!! It will be my 93.5KDAY on Spotify. You know it so well. My favorite hiphop radio station in the WORLD. To anyone…check it out, it’s the bomb.

Objectives for the next season?

I’d love to do a full IronMan, in less than 11 hours. Will see depending on work and stuff. Other than this, get a sub37 on a 10K, sub1:25 on a HM. And whatever I can do on Triathlons.

Your mentor? Darren, but nobody here has heard about him. Does it count?

Your best support? My Dad. He’s my inspiration

Your favorite gear?

Hmm, I guess a picture speaks better than a thousand words (oh yea). It can be hard to believe I was born in the Nation of Chanel and Hermès sometimes...I may have spent too much time in the US, and with Americans – yea, let’s blame them!! ahah. Nah, I am totally comfortable with my fashion style, like it or not. I really love my S-Lab for trail running. And Hoka for road – man they’re good for trail running as well. Dressing up I like em all – said no wallet ever – from TNF to IceBreaker, Salomon or Odlo. AAAAAH!

One last word for the end? For the rest of us, triathletes or not, newbies or avid runners?

Listen to your body! This is crucial for your progress. Otherwise, as I said before, enjoy. Really! It can hurt sometimes, you can hate it some days, but generally speaking, you gotta love what you are doing and enjoy what you are doing. I believe there must be some kind of pleasure when running or any kind of physical activity.

Thank you so much Thomas for your time.

Quick reminder to you all that before being a badass all round athlete, he is and will remain a great crazy friend!

Find him also on instagram !


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